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Kumite Coach is not just online lessons, it is the heart of kumite and a coach whenever you need one.

We have created an online membership that encompasses all the below training assets you will need - all in one place:

  • All the ‘lockdown course’ content

  • Combination building for champions

  • Tactical movement - control the mat

  • Advanced footwork - control your opponent

  • Playing the rules to win - needed knowhow

  • Sweeper system - take them off their feet

  • Conditioning at the olympic level - match fitness, recover fast

  • Simple Psychology for competitive success - Win with your mind

  • Lesson plan templates - coach in progression, record every success

  • Performance analysis tools - profile your athletes

  • Q&A - your chance to ask about kumite to our fighters and coaches, and request videos for the platform!

  • Fighter Video Feedback Service* - send your fights to our coaching team*

Kumite Coach - Quiz
We have created a series of courses that provide you with all the fundamentals you need to ensure your technical striking, your blocking structures, your movement strategies are all developed and have laid the foundation for you to build success upon.

Not sure where to start? Then try the 3 minute quiz and we will fast track you to the content that you need based on your answers.

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My name is Ben

The founder of Kumite Coach Ltd - the UK’s leading KARATE online teaching platform.
I have been a professional coach since 2004 and loved Karate for over 30 years, I run a martial arts academy on Oxfordshire with over 600 members. My passion is Kumite, I want to see kumite flourish in the UK, and become a major Olympic Sport. Myself, Matt and Newby all share this vision. It is an honour to be able to be the first person to bring the best coaching in the world to my fellow karateka.

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Where are you one your competitive journey?

Pick a collection below to go to the assets that are relevant to where you are on your Kumite journey:


I am a club member and want to know more about Kumite.



I am a fighter and I want to develop to the next level.



I am a Coach and want to develop my teaching knowledge.



Kumite Coach is here to help, our mission is to help raise the standard of Kumite across the country by providing elite online coaching, support and develop fighters both in their training and finances, and help associations grow their squad as we reward them for supporting our community. But we also want to save you time (travelling to training all over the country and reduce wasted time learning or practising the wrong stuff) and we want to save you money relative to your travel expenses, your 1-2-1 tuition fees, and over-priced streaming platforms. The effort you put into your development as a coach and or a fighter needs to be precise, and give you a return on your investment. We believe that the Kumite Coach has the answer.