About Us

Ben Richardson - 5th Dan

I believe that there is a world of Karateka out there who want more from their training, believe they can achieve more, love their karate and want to learn more and progress faster and further than people said was possible.
As a fighter I was on my own, I was and am the owner of my Karate club, and was both coach and competitor. I know that there are thousands of people out there wondering how? How do i get to that level? I had to figure it out for myself, I started late but achieved my dream before I retired.
I knew that we had the knowledge and the pedigree in the UK, we just needed to focus it and make it accessible to those who needed it, for those who want to succeed.
Kumite Coach was a concept born out of struggle and created with love for the sport of Kumite.
I have trained for over 33 years in Karate, but I really started to learn the most when I met Matt Price and later Paul Newby. I am forever indebted to them for the knowledge they have shared with me, and now it is my privilege to be able to bring that knowledge to you, wherever you are, whenever you need it.
Let’s make British Karate great again,

Meet The Team

Ben Richardson


Paul Newby

British Olympic Karate Coach

Matt Price

JKS England Team Coach

Joe Kellaway

Ben Richardson

Founder of Kumite coach, former kumite fighter winning and medaling at EKF events around the UK and competing and medalling internationally for JKS England. Professional coach for over 15 years and black belt in Jeet Kune Do and Kali.

Paul Newby

British Olympic Karate Coach, former WKF World Kumite Champion, Professional Karate Coach for over 20 years.

Matt Price

JKS England Team Coach, former ESKA European Kumite Champion and WSKA World Team Kumite Champion. Professional Karate coach for over 25 years.

Joe Kellaway

Being the first fighter in history to win the 10K clash twice, beating world champion Jordan Thomas in the process. Joe is the UK’s leading fighter at present, he was one of two British Athletes chosen to represent GB at the European Olympics and is among the top fighters in the world at -75kg. Wasn’t it amazing to see him on the podium with Stanislav Horuna, Luigi Busa and Rafael Aghayev!!

Remi Jurgilaitis

Is one of Lithuania’s top fighters and current National Champion, he has also won multiple tournament titles in the UK, including BKF champion and EKF vice-champion. He has a very physical fighting style and is known for his Ashi Barai techniques and set-ups.

Brandon Carr

At 18 he is one of the youngest competitors working with Kumite Coach but a superb athlete already taking Bronze medals at both European and World championships!

Panayiotis ’Pan’ Loizides

Is the number 1 Cypriot fighter (13 x National Champion) who moved to the UK to live by and train with Paul Newby Sensei, Pan is also a multiple Mediterranean games medalist and English Champion.

Our vision at Kumite Coach.

Our vision is to financially support squads, fighters and karate Kumite through our online platform, we need to join together in order for this dream to be realised. So if you love karate and want to help it flourish, let's all unite and turn Kumite Coach into a global community. We will grow our online Coaching team as we expand, and connect with like-minded individuals who have a passion for Karate as their core motivation, and have succeeded at the top of their game. Our coaching team is the primary focus in our learning structure as their goal is to help other coaches, as well as fighters, move to the next level of performance. Kumite Coach is here to coach you in the latest Tactics & Techniques that have helped these fighters win world competitions and the top international tournaments consistently.

Some of the fighters and coaches we have helped:

Joe Kellaway - Team GB Athlete for European Games, 2 x 10K Clash Champion, European Bronze Medalist.

Panyiotis Loizides - Mediterranean Games Medailst, Small States Medalist, English and Cypriot Champion.

Brandon Carr - World Bronze U21 Medalist and European Bronze U21 Medalist

Remi’s Jurgilaitis