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Inside this powerful guide you'll learn how KUMITE Coach can help you become a stronger Coach or a world champion fighter:

  • For Coaches - It is important to stay up to date with the latest training techniques and tactics from world champions.

  • For Fighters - Use the structure of our lesson format, and the progression we have laid out for you to ensure the complete development of your up and coming competitors.

  • High Definition Video - High-definition pre-recorded videos within a membership act in a similar way to Netflix.

  • FREE TRAINING - Instant access to 16 x Training Videos filmed live on our private Zoom Webinar Series.

This needs to start with you… Our vision is to financially support squads, fighters and karate Kumite through our online platform, we need to join together in order for this dream to be realised. So if you love karate and want to help it flourish, let's all unite and turn Kumite Coach into a global community. Please Enter Your Email Below - Read This Guide And Let's Get Started...

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