Don’t put your tie on before your shirt…

Don’t put your tie on before your shirt…One of the problems fighters face when they do not have a Kumite performance coach is knowing the order in which they should develop their skills and the time they should place on each aspect to get the best results. This means you end up wasting a lot of time wondering what to learn first or picking up bad habits by learning the wrong techniques in the wrong order. Your ladder work will develop fast foot patterns, Kumite coach will give you ladder drills to improve your movement endurance and foot speed, while giving you fundamental movement drills to practice that will keep you agile and in control of the mat space. This will lead to you being able to better control the distance between you and your opponent creating more attacking options and turning your defensive movement into scoring opportunities.

Our online coaching platform has structured this for you so you just need to trust the process, follow the lessons and put the time in on the mat!

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It’s also critical to work on your performance mindset and physical speed. This is a very important part of your learning and the speed at which you can successfully execute techniques in order to score points play a huge factor in competition success. The best way to learn speed is to see the best athletes performing at their maximum level, this shifts your mindset of what is possible and creates a new challenging standard for you to aim for in your own training.

With our cinematic movie videos you have amazing clarity in slow motion and then get to see the drill as it should be done in real-time. 

One major problem that all competitors face is focussing on productive thoughts in the build-up to the competition and then controlling their focus during the bouts themselves. Dealing with failure after a match as well as victory can mean the difference between leaving with silverware that day or going home empty-handed.

We cover the performance mindset with some psychology techniques from top Psychologist Dr Claire Churchman, so you can get geared up and focus on the things that will keep you winning. If you are struggling with your mindset, then you can choose from a core of match-winning mental strategies, that our coaching team has concurred are the most important for success and consistent performance.

Online coaching is something that you can access anywhere, on your phone, tablet or laptop. You can now train alongside:

To bring together coaches such as Paul Newby, and Matt Price with the input of elite premier 1 fighters and Olympians would be impossible. You would need to travel to each coach separately, pay for their private lessons and make the effort to consistently do this over a long period of time. Ultimately, this is both time consuming and expensive and you would end up defaulting back to what you are currently doing now, getting the results you have always had.

As a former fighter I understand this all too well, and in today’s fast-paced world time is a prevalent factor more than ever.

Expense is not measured just in the money you need to invest in travel and coaching but also in the time it takes to do these things, time that your competitors may be spending on the mat training for victory. Kumite coach provides you for the first time ever with a way to be coached by the worlds best, whilst benchmarking your skills against top-level fighters, anytime, anywhere at low cost in both time and money.

What we have created is a journey that will take you from the essential fundamental skills through to high-level competitive tactics and strategies. 

Our foundation course comprises warm-up drills, this is one of the most misunderstood aspects of performance and one that most people neglect to their detriment. We have unlocked the scientific process of warming up so that your body and mind is fired up prior to stepping on to the tatami to compete. 

Ladder footwork development skills are used throughout the elite sporting world, from tennis and football to basketball and rugby. Ladder drills are used to innervate the neuromuscular system to reinforce and strengthen the mind-body connection and make sure that you are creating strong, confident and precise movement pathways.

Hand attack techniques and drills are commonplace in most dojos. However, the precision at which these skills have to be reproduced and performed is very high. Small errors in movement and set up can lead to big losses in performance, so Kumite coach addresses this with its technical development footage and highlights common errors our elite coaching team have witnessed time and time again, ensuring you do not make the same mistake.

Kicking techniques and drills are worked to a lesser extent and often are more lacklustre in their practice at many clubs. This is your golden ticket to victory as it is a sure-fire way to score 2 and 3 point margins over your opponent, quickly allowing you to change the pace of the game in your favour. As with our hand fighting techniques, we have ensured that you only learn the most efficient methods of practice and avoid the pitfalls of this area of fighting.

Blocking structures are essential for keeping your opponent at bay, understanding the structure allows you to create a variety of blocking techniques that will be effective in keeping you safe and keeping the flags down when you are on the defensive. This coupled with movement strategies will give you a huge sense of confidence that you can respond positively to any opponent you encounter and have defensive tactics you can immediately implement on the mat. 

Doing the work, putting the time in and trusting the process will bring you the results you desire. For a simple one time payment, Kumite coach is unique in its ability to bring all of these elements to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

And if you are wondering what happens after you complete this fundamentals training course, we have you covered. You will have the opportunity to join our online membership training series.

This is where you pay a small monthly fee and can continue to take your training to a whole new level. You will be able to learn proven successful Attacking combinations, competition success strategies, tactical movement, counter fighting, timing drills, mindset and nutrition. This incredible opportunity means that as your skills grow and develop, we can help you take your fighting know-how and skills to the next level. When you are ready we are ready.

This blog is part of our eBook called – Kumite Coach Discover A New Way To Learn KARATE – High Definition Online Training Platform – click the button to read the full story:

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