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As a coach we are here to support you, inspire you, help you with ideas and give you some insight as to how our top coaches coach and what they are coaching Watch the video to find what is best for you >>>.

Watch The Free Training Compilation Course

We want you to see how we coach and the extent to which we have invested in producing the highest quality footage you will find anywhere, with two of the World's best Coaches and top fighters.
Karate Bundle Pack

Kumite Skills & Techniques ‘lockdown course’

As a coach we know you know the fundamentals but this is a great way to check your knowledge, gain some ideas and insight to how it is taught at the Olympic level. There are also a stack of resources as bonus content too to help you in your sessions and coaching progression.


The Karate Course Bundle Pack

This coaching pack focuses on Training Methods. Help your athletes get faster, react quicker, build leg endurance, movement skills and practice great pad work combinations. This course is led by Matt Price Sensei.

Karate Bundle Pack

Tactical Movement

The Tactical Movement Course will give you training methods for developing leg endurance, explosive power and a strong base for developing footwork skills. Use this in combination with our Skills & Techniques Course to help your athletes to the next level.


Pad Work

One of the best training methods to help your fighters develop flowing attacks, while improving their control and targeting skills alongside fight specific conditioning. This will bring your fighters to the top of their game and build their confidence to score.

Pad Work - Series 1

Reaction Drills

Help your fighters reduce their response time in a match by using these fantastic reaction drills, developed and used by Matt Price & Paul Newby Sensei. As your fighter becomes sharper and faster their scoring opportunities increase.

Reaction Drills

Coaching Resources

Download our free coaching resources to help you assess and prepare your fighters for competition. Paul Newby Sensei has constructed a unique system of assessment over the decades of his competitive and coaching experience. For the first time has been made available to the public.


Free Resources

We have a huge selection of great resources to help you get the most out of your squad. Our free training App "Karate Buddy" was created by Paul Newby Sensei and is used widely at the elite level. Read our latest blogs, eBook and listen to our podcast. Click to learn more.