Kumite Coach offers our fighters and coaches a cohesive spectrum of tools to produce results

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Kumite Coach is more than just an online pre-recorded amateur membership, it is a professional organisation that offers our fighters and coaches a cohesive spectrum of tools to produce results. As a member of our community you will also be supporting up and coming fighters through our fighter’s foundation, and through our affiliate programme provide your association access to funding for their Kumite squads and the development of our fighters for the future.

At Kumite coach we didn’t just want incredible coaches, we also wanted the best fighters working with us, both established and up and coming. Our fighters are Olympic select fighters and some of the highest-ranking in the world. All of our fighters have found themselves vying for the title of Karate’s biggest professional tournament, the 10K Clash! I know you love that tournament as much as I do.

Joe Kellaway being the first fighter in history to win the 10K clash twice, beating world champion Jordan Thomas in the process. Joe is the UK’s leading fighter at present, he was one of two British Athletes chosen to represent GB at the European Olympics and is among the top fighters in the world at -75kg. Wasn’t it amazing to see him on the podium with Stanislav Horuna, Luigi Busa and Rafael Aghayev!!

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Remi Jurgilaitis is one of Lithuania’s top fighters and current National Champion, he has also won multiple tournament titles in the UK, including BKF champion and EKF vice-champion. He has a very physical fighting style and is known for his Ashi Barai techniques and set-ups.

Brandon Carr at just 18 is one of the youngest competitors working with Kumite Coach but a superb athlete already taking Bronze medals at both European and World championships!Panayiotis “Pan” Loizides is the number 1 Cypriot fighter (13 x National Champion) who moved to the UK to live by and train with Paul Newby Sensei, Pan is also a multiple Mediterranean games champion.All our fighters meet regularly in Manchester at the Olympic TaeKwondo Centre as part of their Olympic performance development programme.

This is the only place that brings all these elements together.I’m the founder of Kumite Coach. I received my MSc in Sports Science in 2002 and became a full-time professional coach in Karate and other martial arts in 2005, now I run a full-time dojo in Oxfordshire with over 600 members and employ 3 full-time coaches and multiple part-time staff. I use my online platform to help train my own competitors and my coaching team succeed.

Let me tell you a short version of how Kumite Coach came about. Having finished my competitive career competing both nationally and internationally in Karate without coming from a competitive club or having a local sensei or coach to help me, I had to spend years (failing) and years travelling the country in order to train with whomever I could learn Kumite from. It was time consuming and expensive! 

This was one of the driving forces behind the development of Kumite Coach – to allow our fighters and coaches access to elite level coaching, without the expense of both the time and money needed to achieve it.With a scientific approach to progression and a platform that also covers aspects of mindset, sport psychology and nutrition, I believe Kumite coach will deliver a truly unique experience for its members.

As part of this online membership programme, you will have the opportunity to get your own fights examined by our experts. To get the most out of your online training it is critical to have some form of feedback outside of the Q&A sessions we run. We offer this as an additional service where you will book in your slot for a professional assessment. This is where you send in a pre-recorded fight that has already occurred or one that you are about to do. Then one of our coaches or fighters will go through it and provide you with their professional feedback, offering tips and techniques that could help you achieve that percentage difference that makes true champions.

To become a champion you need to be part of a community of like-minded fighters and coaches to share ideas and techniques with. When you have this type of access to this level of professional fighters and coaches, everything changes. To be able to ask questions, jump on Live ZOOM calls and get your fights assessed when you want it, turns Kumite Coach into a vital part of your learning and development experience.

Kumite coach is all about learning from the best!

You can either simply learn from the online videos or you can use the additional services to help advance your level of fighting. As we bring on more fighters and coaches into Kumite Coach, you will benefit from new ideas and new techniques. This is a learning lifestyle that will continue to benefit you as an exclusive member. Kumite Coach also connects you with a community of like-minded fighters and coaches from around the world. This is a unique platform that allows you to learn from fighters and coaches all around the world as well. Each country has its own focus on sport and funding, which means you get a mix of different mentalities toward our sport. 

Some countries pay their fighters a lot of money to learn as a profession and compete at world levels whereas other countries offer limited support and fighters need to win the big competitions to get some sort of sponsorship to stay training. Most fighters are self-funding though, which makes progress incredibly tough. So we are here to help you at whichever level you find yourself today, so you can become the fighter you want to be tomorrow.

Do the work, trust the process. What I mean by this is that the videos we have created are sequenced in an order that will allow you to develop your skills in a progressive manner, correctly giving you a complete skill-set and an understanding of what is required for you to successfully compete.

Kumite coach offers a number of areas for you to start developing and our pre-launch course takes you through the following:How to warm up like an elite athlete, reducing your injury risk and preparing your body for ballistic performance. Fast foot ladder drills, to start refining and developing your coordination and leg endurance. Stimulate your fast-twitch muscle fibres and ensure that you can move like the top fighters on the circuit. 

Fundamental scoring / attacking techniques, that are used to gain the majority of winning points at the highest level competitions. Defensive structures that you can learn and adapt to create a solid defence against oncoming attacks, this will boost your confidence and make sure you take new opportunities to score on the tatami and movement strategies and skills that will make you elusive, hard to hit and hard to pin down. Be in control of the area as you move with ease and confidence, and control the distance and the pace of the match.

With our Netflix movie grade filming, you can clearly see everything you need in order to iron out those small errors and perform the techniques accurately. Enabling you to conduct them at a speed that will allow you the score at the top level. Each video takes you through the techniques and drills performed by one of our elite fighters and coached step by step by our incredible coaching team.

You can watch them back at your own leisure giving you the opportunity to understand a successful model of movement and get close to a real-life experience of how to complete each exercise in the best way.The small percentage of errors you may be making in your punching and kicking techniques could be resulting in the wrong performance results for you at the competition. 

The benefit of having online access to extremely high-quality video is that you can practise and refine your techniques time and time again. We all know that we have to put in the mat time in order to create that correct muscle memory, and as the legendary Bruce Lee stated: “ I don’t fear the man that knows 10,000 kicks, fear the man that practices one kick 10,000 times”. 

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It’s hard to notice them, but being coached the right technique and watching our elite fighters perform them will help you identify these errors and make positive changes in your performance that will lead to big results.By having all of these videos available to watch on any device, it becomes really easy to use them with your training. The objective is to master every technique within all of the videos so that you build a solid foundation of precise skills and techniques. 

This foundation of advanced training drills will make it easier and faster for you to learn the different combinations. These combinations like all of our content on Kumite Coach is based on proven match-winning knowledge from our coaches and actioned by our elite fighters during tournaments, this will help you win in turn to move your game up a level at your competitions, helping you achieve that place on the squad or the podium.Like anything in life, the more you repeat an exercise the easier it becomes.

Creating a routine where online coaching augments your physical training and becomes part of your weekly regime, is going to help you produce consistent results.When you are in a competition, you want these different combinations to come naturally, without thinking, and score the highest points.The advantage of an online training platform is that we will be adding new combinations to your programme on a regular basis. These combinations will be current, cutting edge and not break any of the rules you are bound to as a competitor. These are combinations that have helped our Coaches and fighters win their competitions… 

This blog is part of our eBook called – Kumite Coach Discover A New Way To Learn KARATE – High Definition Online Training Platform – click the button to read the full story:

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