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Kumite Coach is designed and created by fighters. We have decades of experience and achieved at the highest levels. We want to give you a fast track to success, a step by step process to follow to make you the best you can be. Kumite Coach will work alongside your dojo training and take you to the next level.

Watch The Free Training Compilation Course

We want you to see how we coach and the extent to which we have invested in producing the highest quality footage you will find anywhere, with two of the World's best Coaches and top fighters.
Karate Bundle Pack

Kumite Skills & Techniques ‘lockdown course’

We would recommend that all fighters take this course to fine tune their technical skill, and ensure that they are not making some of the classic mistakes our coaches discuss. Here is your ticket to technical mastery. Are you ready?


The Kumite Course Bundle Pack

This coaching pack focuses on Training Methods. Helping you get faster, react quicker, build leg endurance, movement skills and practice great pad work combinations. This course is led by Matt Price Sensei.

Karate Bundle Pack

Tactical Movement

If you're not ready to invest in your skills fully then we would advise you start with our Tactical Movement Course. This will give you training methods for developing leg endurance, explosive power and a strong base for developing footwork skills. 


Pad Work

One of the best training methods to help you develop flowing attacks, while improving your control and targeting skills, alongside fight specific conditioning. See how our top coaches use this to give their fighters the edge.

Pad Work - Series 1

Reaction Drills

If you could reduce your response time in a match by using these fantastic reaction drills, you would increase your chances of scoring as you out time, move and think your opponent.

Reaction Drills

Free Resources

We have a huge selection of great resources to help you get the most out of your training. Our free training App "Karate Buddy" was created by Paul Newby Sensei and is used widely at the elite level. Read our latest blogs, eBook and listen to our podcast. Click to learn more.