“I have had years where I had to train by myself, and good training partners, they’re hard to find” Paul Newby BKF Olympic Coach and Former WKF World Champion

BKF Coach Paul Newby

Why is it better to train with a partner? Because they push you when you are tired, when you feel like stopping. They force you to react to them when you’re hitting pads, drilling and sparring. It’s the closest thing you can do to replicate the chaos and randomness of sparring in a match.

As a professional fighter and on the road to the World Championships I was ever aware of these things, and constantly seeking out my next training partner that could push and motivate me to be the best fighter in the world. (Think BIG, focus SMALL).

I knew someone who was ’good with computers’ so I asked them back then if they could put some random beep noises on a CD for me so I could train by myself but have something to react to when I wasn’t ready (that chaos and randomness). You see when you train yourself, you’re not reacting to an external stimuli, you are going when you’re ready. So when you are tired, you simply don’t go.

Newby coaching Lithuanian International Remi Jurgilaitis

I started taking this CD with me to course and seminars I was running, and the response what immensely positive. I’d carry the CD, and a big music player with me wherever I went, until one day someone mentioned to me that an “App”would be better. An App? I had no idea what that was at the time, but it led to the first version of Karate Buddy to be created.

Simple in it’s form it was also brilliant! I had created something that would have innumerable options for training, that could push an athlete to perform even when they didn’t want to be pushed, because they had to react to random beeps, counts and drills. They were working for a “new coach”in essence, one that did not tire and demanded the best from them always.

Get our amazing App!

Karate Buddy version 1 was a success almost a decade ago! Then when smart phone technology changed, the App stopped working. The designer was no longer there, and the app died…only my training partner and friend Matt Price refused to update one of his i-pads, just to keep Karate Buddy active! Over the years many many students have asked him – “what is that app? it’s amazing, where do I get it?”. And until now Matt’s response has been, you can’t.

When I joined Ben Richardson and his vision for Kumite Coach, I knew right away that Karate Buddy had found a new home and could be reborn. You see our ethos at Kumite Coach is about helping fighters, particularly British Fighters, to reach the pinnacle of sport Kumite once more.

Karate Buddy, like our incredible coaching platform kumitecoach.com is a totally unique and world first concept designed by fighters for fighters. It is another way to help you move forward in your training, and just like so much of the training we have provided to you over the past year, our app is FREE. Why? Because we are in it for the KARATE.

This unique app will provide you will endless drills that you can follow, and create. It allows you no excuses, you can train on your own motivated by Karate Buddy, your relentless training partner. You will be thinking more about your training as you devise new ways to get the most from a variety of great timers, commands and more. This is HOW you will create the chaos and randomness in your training when you’re alone that will push you to b match fit and ready.


That’s the tag line for Karate Buddy. Becauseto become a world champion, that is what it takes. I know, I’ve done it.
Karate Buddy is great for solo training.
Karate Buddy is great for 1-2-1 coaching as it allows you to focus on the student and drills not counting the commands.
Karate Buddy is great for dojo training for the very same reasons, it tells the group what to do, you coach!

Karate Buddy is great for developing your fitness, because you are not in charge of when you do something, you can’t rest unless Karate Buddy lets you!

Karate Buddy is your NEW TRAINING AID

Karate Buddy is out now on IOS and Android.

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