Kumite coach offers a number of areas for you to start developing your Karate

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Kumite coach offers a number of areas for you to start developing and our Techniques and Drills course takes you through the following:

How to warm up like an elite athlete, reducing your injury risk and preparing your body for ballistic performance. Fast foot ladder drills, to start refining and developing your coordination and leg endurance.

Stimulate your fast-twitch muscle fibres and ensure that you can move like the top fighters on the circuit. Fundamental scoring / attacking techniques, that are used to gain the majority of winning points at the highest level competitions. 

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Defensive structures that you can learn and adapt to create a solid defence against oncoming attacks, this will boost your confidence and make sure you take new opportunities to score on the tatami and movement strategies and skills that will make you elusive, hard to hit and hard to pin down.

Be in control of the area as you move with ease and confidence, and control the distance and the pace of the match.With our Netflix movie grade filming, you can clearly see everything you need in order to iron out those small errors and perform the techniques accurately.

Enabling you to conduct them at a speed that will allow you the score at the top level. Each video takes you through the techniques and drills performed by one of our elite fighters and coached step by step by our incredible coaching team. You can watch them back at your own leisure giving you the opportunity to understand a successful model of movement and get close to a real-life experience of how to complete each exercise in the best way.

The small percentage of errors you may be making in your punching and kicking techniques could be resulting in the wrong performance results for you at the competition. 

The benefit of having online access to extremely high-quality video is that you can practise and refine your techniques time and time again. We all know that we have to put in the mat time in order to create that correct muscle memory, and as the legendary Bruce Lee stated: “ I don’t fear the man that knows 10,000 kicks, fear the man that practices one kick 10,000 times”. 

It’s hard to notice them, but being coached the right technique and watching our elite fighters perform them will help you identify these errors and make positive changes in your performance that will lead to big results.

Kumite coach is all about learning from the best!

By having all of these videos available to watch on any device, it becomes really easy to use them with your training. The objective is to master every technique within all of the videos so that you build a solid foundation of precise skills and techniques. 

This foundation of advanced training drills will make it easier and faster for you to learn the different combinations. These combinations like all of our content on Kumite Coach is based on proven match-winning knowledge from our coaches and actioned by our elite fighters during tournaments, this will help you win in turn to move your game up a level at your competitions, helping you achieve that place on the squad or the podium.

Like anything in life, the more you repeat an exercise the easier it becomes. Creating a routine where online coaching augments your physical training and becomes part of your weekly regime, is going to help you produce consistent results.

When you are in a competition, you want these different combinations to come naturally, without thinking, and score the highest points.The advantage of an online training platform is that we will be adding new combinations to your programme on a regular basis. These combinations will be current, cutting edge and not break any of the rules you are bound to as a competitor. These are combinations that have helped our Coaches and fighters win their competitions… 

What we have created is a journey that will take you from the essential fundamental skills through high-level tactics and strategies. Our pre-launch foundation course comprises Warm-up drills, Ladder footwork development skills, hand attack techniques and drills, Kicking techniques and drills, blocking structures essential for keeping your opponent at bay and movement strategies you can immediately implement.

Doing the work, putting the time in and trusting the process will bring you the results you desire. Kumite coach is unique in its ability to bring all of these elements to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.Lesson 1 = Welcome – you will get to understand the ethos and mission behind Kumite coach, what we are trying to achieve for karate, and our competitors and why we are providing a platform for both coaches and competitors alike.

Lesson 2 = Warm-up drills – Here we cover the science behind a warm-up and then provide you with both visual videos of some of the techniques we use and also a downloadable format to follow and adapt to your own practice sessions.

Lesson Series 3 = Ladder Drills – Ten fast footwork development skills are vital to creating smooth and plyometric power-based movement. This will equip you with the tools to control both the mat space and your opponent, allowing you to dictate the distance in which you can launch your attacking techniques and score. Our drills will ensure that with practice you make the most from our movement strategies.

Lesson Series 4 =  With 6 Hand Attack Techniques and drills – Gyaku Tsuki is still the highest-scoring technique in Kumite, having a variety of punches you can throw and making sure you have sound fundamentals backing this is imperative for your success.

Lesson Series 5 = With 6 Kicking techniques and drills – like its counterpart punching, kicking is a necessary part of your game to develop. These techniques are going to produce your highest scores and are vital in your development as an athlete.

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Lesson Series 6 = blocking structures – while attacking is great fun and brings results having your basic blocking structures in place means a solid defence is available to you, increasing your confidence and durability as a fighter. Minimising mistakes in this area will mean you are maximising your opportunities to score.

Lesson Series 7 = movement strategies – in this first course you will receive the first 4 movement drills we recommend for securing a good base in your fighting game, providing you with the platform to evade attacks and create space to unleash your own, control your opponent’s distance, draw them out and move with tactical purpose rather than randomness, starting the foundation of your own ringcraft.our unique progression, the first stage of training comprises some essential ladder skills that will lay the foundation for fast foot movement and your movement skills.

We have broken down the top-scoring techniques into 12 basics, covering the execution points for success as well as the main errors we as coaches have observed.Each technique has a progressive drill set to help you capture the best result from your practice time. Make sure you engage in each stage to get the best results.

Blocking structures that you can use in any scenario are important as you want these to be reactionary rather than thought based. Learning the correct structure will help keep the decisions in your favour rather than seeing those flags go against you.

This blog is part of our eBook called – Kumite Coach Discover A New Way To Learn KARATE – High Definition Online Training Platform – click the button to read the full story:

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