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If you are just getting started in your Kumite journey then you need the right guidance. Never before has anyone starting out had Kumite Coach and it’s world class coaches and fighters standing by them, coaching them each step of the way. Watch the video to find out where to start >>>>
You just got lucky, this is a game changer.

Free Training Compilation Course

We want you to see how we coach and the extent to which we have invested in producing the highest quality footage you will find anywhere, with two of the World's best Coaches and top fighters.
Karate Bundle Pack

Kumite Skills & Techniques ‘lockdown course’

As a student we don’t want you to waste time or energy we have created a tried and tested progression which is coached by British Olympic Coach Paul Newby and JKS National Coach Matt Price. This is the place to start and create a uniquely strong foundation.


Tactical Movement Course

You want to get started but are not ready to fully invest in your development? We have the perfect course to ground you in some fundamental skills and start developing your leg strength for great fighting movement.

Tactical Movement Drills

Free Resources

In our free resources section you will be able to find out more about Kumite Coach and how we are striving to help Kumite competitors. Download our free eBook, check out our Podcast, download our Free Training App! Find this a more inside