We understand that the development of your students is what you want at your dojo

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We understand that the progression and development of your students and competitors is what you want to provide in your dojo. This ensures an end result of improved knowledge and skill which will, in turn, give them higher levels of performance on the tatami.

We have created the world’s first online training platform for coaches like you, so that you can refine and critique your existing performer’s skills using our online videos for your reference point.

With our NetFlix style production quality clarity is a given so that you can help them to understand the accuracy and speed that is required for each one to be successful at the competition, whilst comparing and contrasting styles and movement speed against our top fighters.

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As an authority on Kumite as you produce successful fighters consistently, it will, in turn, create a stronger referral system to your dojo.  The results always speak for themselves. Just as fighters desire to improve, we as coaches have the same fire within us to keep improving and developing our own coaching game and become the best in our field. Kumite coach will support you on your journey every step of the way.

We created a platform with you in mind, the question has always been what do you need as a fighter? We didn’t want just a pick and mix of lessons and techniques, we want to give you a progression, a roadmap of success, foundational movement as well as technical aspects covering kicking and punching.

Have you ever started a project, or piece of work just to realise you missed a step and then have to start again? I know as a fighter I was learning by trial and error, which is both frustrating and time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be a huge advantage to be able to watch pre-recorded high-quality videos placed in a specific order so you can avoid this pitfall?

Everything that is strong, lasting and effective is built upon a strong foundation. The Empire State Building, Mac’s iOS, and a fighter’s stance all share in common a foundational structure that makes them successful. So we are starting at the ground up too, building step by step so you don’t miss a thing.

We make everything easy to follow and the online lessons are mapped out in a logical progression.This means you get to learn everything in the correct order – Kick, Punch, Sweep, Footwork etc…

The video quality provides you with the ability to see everything in clear definition and slow motion. Then if you have any questions, you can use the Q&A feature or send in one of your fights to be assessed. Everything is available on one platform that makes sure you can iron out any bad habits and repeat your techniques until they become autonomous.

Kumite coach is all about learning from the best!

When you know that all of your techniques are at a champion level and you get constructive and positive feedback from champion coaches and fighters, that’s when you will have a unique competitive advantage. If you want to use these skills to win your own competition fights, we are here to support you. If you are a coach and want to pass on additional techniques to your students, then you have all of this at your fingertips.

If you came from the same place as me, a good club but with no competitive focus, or you became a coach passionate about Kumite but lacking a long history of experience built on decades of competition, we have the answer with our team of coaches and our progression recorded in high-quality NetFlix style video.  Our series of lessons will guide you through the process and give you the clarity to see what you need to do for the perfect scoring technique and the steps you need to follow to build them.

Kumite coach is a journey that will take you from the essential fundamental skills through high-level tactics and strategies. Purchase the pre-launch foundation course to get a feel for what we have created for you.

If it is something that you know will help your career, then join our community of like minded fighters and coaches. This is where you can learn new techniques and tactics that will bring you the results you desire. Kumite coach is unique in its ability to bring all of these elements to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Save time, money and effort by joining today and start training in a few minutes from now. 

Lesson 1 = Welcomes you and introduces you to the programme.

Lesson 2 = Starts with your warm-up drills.

Lesson Series 3 = Gets you doing Ladder Drills.

Lesson Series 4 = Moves into Hand Attack Techniques and Drills.

Lesson Series 5 = Brings in Kicking Techniques and Drills.

Lesson Series 6 = Starts your Blocking Structures.

Lesson Series 7 = Goes into your Movement Strategies.

Let’s all join together to support the Karate world. This platform will help guide Karate into the modern digital world faster, where we can all interact and support each other. 

Kumite Coach is not just a live stream, it is not just training online, it is a multi-platform community and coaching service like nothing else. In essence, we have created a central platform to meet all your needs, that connects us all together. We have a singular vision to create a Kumite world. Which means we need you to join us…

Your membership will help towards financially supporting our squads, and fighters. So if you love karate and want to help it flourish, let’s all unite and turn Kumite Coach into a global community.The more members mean the faster we can grow our online Coaching team and expand, connecting like-minded fighters and coaches who have a passion for Karate, and want to succeed at the top of their game.

Our coaching team is the primary focus in our learning structure as their goal is to help other coaches, as well as fighters, move to the next level of performance.We want to grow our team of competition fighters, and while our coaching team has a vast network already we are always looking for more competitors who want to inspire the generations following them and offer their expert skill sets to demonstrate the techniques and tactics our coaches are teaching.

This blog is part of our eBook called – Kumite Coach Discover A New Way To Learn KARATE – High Definition Online Training Platform – click the button to read the full story:

Kumite Coach is here to coach you in the latest Tactics & Techniques that have helped these fighters win world competitions and the top international tournaments consistently. We have created a feedback loop that ensures we keep updating our tactical knowledge and are not relying on experience alone. Kumite Coach is here to help, our mission is to help raise the standard of Kumite across the country by providing elite online coaching, support and develop fighters both in their training and finances, and help associations grow their squad as we reward them for supporting our community.

But we also want to save you time (travelling to training all over the country and reduce wasted time learning or practising the wrong stuff) and we want to save you money relative to your travel expenses, your 1-2-1 tuition fees, and over-priced streaming platforms.The effort you put into your development as a coach and or a fighter needs to be precise, and give you a return on your investment. We believe that the Kumite Coach has the answer.

Kumite coach has been 4 years in the making, this has been built upon a belief that we can make a difference in Karate, and our love for the sport of Kumite. Our message is simple. Create one community of like-minded people who all share the same passion and love of karate Kumite and want to see the sport grow and develop to the next level. 

We want to help create and enhance a structure of development for our upcoming athletes and provide a unique tool for both coaches and fighters to grow their knowledge base and contribute back to the community that supports them.So let’s jump in and let us show you how Kumite Coach will be of incredible benefit…

This blog is part of our eBook called – Kumite Coach Discover A New Way To Learn KARATE – High Definition Online Training Platform – click the button to read the full story:

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