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Kumite Coach offers a unique platform for transforming your Karate, but we are also just mad about Karate too!
Our podcast reaches out to fighters, coaches, promoters, Karate figureheads and more, to bring you the latest news, ideas, fantastic stories and characters in the world of Karate today.
The Karate Podcast is released weekly and aims to give you an insight to the history of our sport, get you in touch with the latest developments and ensure you stay connected.
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Here is a sneak peek of what you get when you join the “Lockdown” course membership:

Warm Up Protocol

Warming up is a science and should be done correctly. It will prepare you for your training and reduce injury and also ensure that you are mentally and physically at your optimum for competing.

Ladder drills and muscle innervation

Ladders have been used in elite sport for a number of years now, help us develop speed and the fast twitch element of the muscle, they also provide us with a platform to increase our coordination, timing, and muscular endurance. They can be used as part of a warm up or part of a conditioning session, and are very versatile. In our module we have included a progression of drills focused on kumite, starting lightly and becoming more challenging for you as we go. We would recommend you start by following our format then you can use the drills, and add to them as you see fit.

Scoring techniques

Let us coach you on your scoring techniques as we teach punching and kicking techniques that are demonstrated by top international athletes and coached by Matt Price and Paul Newby in high definition.

Defensive structures

Become an evasive fighter that defends in order to create more scoring opportunities and frustrates their opponent. Understand basic structures and concepts you can transfer to improve all aspects of your game.

A progressive coaching system that supports your training and development.

Change your game for the better and let us coach you to success...

Join The Programme For Lifetime Access To All Of This;

  • 5 x Training Modules

  • 3 x Bonus Modules

  • 63 x Training Videos

  • Warm up protocols and cooling down

  • Fast feet ladder drills

  • Kicking techniques

  • Blocking structures

  • Movement skills and tactics

  • Punching techniques


KNOWLEDGE is not always the hard part. The real challenge is the IMPLEMENTATION. Which is why we include the 3 C'S in all our programmes;

Creativity in coaching:

We bring the best minds to the forefront of your learning experience. We are not here to showcase our skills but to help you improve as we explain why you are learning this content, and how it will benefit your game. We believe in progression so that the course modules build on one another and provide you with a solid foundation for performance. It’s a homage to our coaching team that other National coaches attend their live training sessions!





Kumite Coach is all about community. We want to provide a platform that can help raise the standard of British Karate to become the best in the world once more, we want to provide a path for young fighters and clubs to access funding so they can achieve more, and we know your ideas and questions matter, that is why we provide a Q&A forum so that your voice is heard. If our members want a video on a certain aspect of competition, we will make it!


Cutting edge know-how:

Our team of fighters are international, and elite, and our coaching team are at the forefront of Kumite development. Not only do we give you progressions to help speed up your learning, but we also understand the impact of the rules of WKF kumite on your performance and how to use this. As the rules change our tactics and videos change too. This platform is evergreen and will like yourself, constantly evolve.



Take the next step in your evolution as a fighter or coach


Get ahead of your competition, take yourself to the next level with the Kumite Skills and Techniques “Lockdown Course”. You’ll also get instant access to our BONUS Kumite Coach Live Zoom Series

In our Bonus series Coaches Paul Newby (Former WKF World Champion and current BKF Coach) and Matt Price (Former ESKA European Champion and JKS National Coach) take you through a progressive masterclass. You will start to develop some essential movement skills both for the feet and the upper body, start to develop your knowledge of breaking the line, and controlling the distance in the fight, as well as how to start developing your legs to fire off those high scoring kicks you will develop your tactical footwork skills and learn the secrets of the pivot and how it can change your game dramatically, as you create the opportunity to take your attacks off the line and confuse your opponent.


You’ll get These 9 Modules:

  • Over 32 videos filmed live to a huge audience

  • Footwork mastery and head evasion

  • Learn to control the fight and take line

  • Develop you core and your legs to kick for success

  • Tactical footwork development - the pivot

  • Countering with the ura and implanting correct evasive footwork

  • Develop angular attacks and fast powerful reactions


The Kumite Skills & Techniques Course Is For You IF:

  • You want to move to the next level in kumite

  • You want coaching access when you need it

  • You like to learn in logical progression

  • You are looking for something to help create an edge

  • You love kumite and want to see it flourish as a sport

It's (Probably) Not For You If;

  • You want to stick to a traditional training method

  • You don’t like competitive Karate

  • You are looking for a quick fix and won’t do the work

  • You think you know it all already

There’s absolutely no risk here.
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