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In our unique progression, the first stage of training comprises some essential ladder skills that will lay the foundation for fast foot movement and your tactical movement skills.

We have broken down the top-scoring techniques into 12 basics, covering the execution points for success as well as the main errors we as coaches have observed. Each technique has a progressive drill set to help you capture the best result from your practice time. Make sure you engage in each stage to get the best results.

Blocking structures that you can use in any scenario are important as you want these to be reactionary rather than thought based. Learning the correct structure will help keep the decisions in your favour rather than seeing those flags go against you.

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Kumite coach is a journey that will take you from the essential fundamental skills through high-level tactics and strategies. Purchase the pre-launch foundation course to get a feel for what we have created for you. If it is something that you know will help your career, then join our community of like minded fighters and coaches. This is where you can learn new techniques and tactics that will bring you the results you desire.

Kumite coach is unique in its ability to bring all of these elements to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Jump in and see for yourself:


Save time, money and effort by joining today and start training in a few minutes from now.  Lesson 1 = Welcomes you and introduces you to the programme.

Lesson 2 = Starts with your warm-up drills.

Lesson Series 3 = Gets you doing Ladder Drills.

Lesson Series 4 = Moves into Hand Attack Techniques and Drills.

Lesson Series 5 = Brings in Kicking Techniques and Drills.

Lesson Series 6 = Starts your Blocking Structures.

Lesson Series 7 = Goes into your Movement Strategies.

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Once you have digested and practised the content in our foundation stage training section you will be offered the opportunity to join our online academy, where you can access the next stages of your journey, as we move away from the basics and start to expand your arsenal with combinations, timing, counter fighting and more.

Our online training subscription will take you through proven combinations used to succeed at the highest level, movement strategies and tactics to beat different styles of a fighter.

Kumite coach is all about learning from the best!

We also believe that fighters are made in the kitchen and in the mind. That is why Kumite Coach also offers training and concepts in nutrition and psychological strategies for peak performance.

We have included a nutrition section that offers guidance on your dietary needs for competition, training and recovery. We aim to help you understand the impact of healthy eating on not just your body but your mental strength and wellbeing too. 

Nutrition can help you improve your body chemistry for balance as well as to gain explosive power, better mobility, greater speed and strength, increased energy for intense workouts and higher endurance for self-defence or attack situations.

We are also including psychological skills training to enhance your performance. Martial arts is a specialised area and sports psychology can assist you with achieving peak performance in both katas and sparring. In particular, skills training can aid with regulating intensity in the martial arts as well as improving the physical skills required to be competitive.

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Our high-definition pre-recorded videos allow you to watch what you want, when you want. Which means for a low monthly fee, you have everything at our fingertips. While Live streaming is effective, it only has its place as an additional support tool for your learning.

One of the unique concepts we use in Kumite Coach is the way we encourage our community to influence the videos we create.Our Q&A feedback system means that you as a member can request follow up footage to ensure you have a full understanding of the course we are taking you through.

We are determined that our platform serves the coaches and fighters in the Kumite community and not just act as a highlight reel. We believe that online courses are the premium way to truly learn a new skill.

This blog is part of our eBook called – Kumite Coach Discover A New Way To Learn KARATE – High Definition Online Training Platform – click the button to read the full story:

They offer flexibility, education right to your home, more individual attention and it’s a great way to learn from a host of premium coaches and elite fighters. 

To learn a skill like Karate effectively you need much more than low-quality streaming video. You need a high-definition video to see every movement clearly without distortion. You also need the ability to pause, replay and watch in slow motion. To learn the perfect techniques, it’s all about seeing clearly, understanding the movement sequence and pathway and having the opportunity to practice with repetition to perfect your technique.

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This blog is part of our eBook called – Kumite Coach Discover A New Way To Learn KARATE – High Definition Online Training Platform – click the button to read the full story:

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